CHEOPS Low Power intro

CHEπŸŒ€PS Low Power is an H2020 European project that focuses on the design of different elements of the system of Hall Effect Thruster (HET) π—Ÿπ—Όπ˜„ π—˜π—»π—²π—Ώπ—΄π˜† π—˜π—Ήπ—²π—°π˜π—Ώπ—Άπ—° π—£π—Ώπ—Όπ—½π˜‚π—Ήπ˜€π—Άπ—Όπ—». Electric propulsion provides relatively small thrust in a very efficient manner, compared to expensive chemical propellants which are the first and most common in use. 

The project ambitions to achieve a TRL6/7 at an Electric Propulsion System.

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